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Landfills are storage sites for waste. They are created to confine the waste to as small an area as possible, and cover the waste so that it does not contaminate the area. When created without strict safety precautions, landfills can disrupt infrastructure such as roads, pollute nearby soil and streams, and contaminate groundwater. The use of a landfill liner can prevent […]

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Recycling is the process of turning any type of waste into new products that can be used again. In a consumer context this generally refers to items such as used metal, glass, cardboard, paper, plastic, and sometimes electronics.  It is an alternative to disposing of waste through incineration (which causes air pollution) or through landfills (which can cause water pollution). […]

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Indoor Air Pollution

Indoor air pollution occurs when gases or particles are released into an inadequately ventilated indoor space. In this situation, air quality can drastically diminish and affect inhabitants. Examples of sources of indoor air pollution include combustion sources such as oil, gas or tobacco products, building materials, furnishings, and cleaning products. Learn More An Introduction to Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) – […]

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