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Fossil Fuels

Fossil fuels such as natural gas, oil, and coal are non-renewable energy sources that are formed from the decomposition of plants and animals over millions of years. They can be extracted from the earth and burned to create energy, and are now the main cause of greenhouse gas emissions. Learn More U.S. Department of Energy – Fossil Fuels Environmental Energy and Study […]

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Natural Gas

Natural gas is a non-renewable fuel source that is composed of methane and other gases. When burned for energy, it releases fewer greenhouse gases than coal or oil, but still contributes to global climate change. It is formed underground from the decomposition of plants and animals, and is extracted through drilling or a process known as ‘fracking‘. Learn More Natural […]

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Peak Oil

Peak oil is the expected point in time when the maximum rate of crude oil extraction has been achieved. Due to the non-renewable nature of crude oil, the rate of extraction will begin to decline after this point in time and will never reach this peak again. Learn More Have we reached peak oil? – How Stuff Works Peak Oil: […]

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