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Recycling is the process of turning any type of waste into new products that can be used again. In a consumer context this generally refers to items such as used metal, glass, cardboard, paper, plastic, and sometimes electronics.  It is an alternative to disposing of waste through incineration (which causes air pollution) or through landfills (which can cause water pollution). […]

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Incineration is the disposal of waste through combustion. When waste is burned, trash is converted into ash, gas, and heat. The gas is cleansed of pollutants before it is released into the air, and the remaining solid waste and ash is sent to a landfill. This type of waste disposal does not eliminate the need for landfills, but reduces the […]

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Bethlehem Township

Township Website http://www.bethlehemtownship.org/ Recycling Recycling: http://www.bethlehemtownship.org/geninfo_recycle.html Other Services Leaf collection: http://www.bethlehemtownship.org/pworks_leaf.html Yard waste: http://www.bethlehemtownship.org/geninfo_recycle.html Drug collection: http://www.bethlehemtownship.org/geninfo_dcu.html Stormwater management: http://www.bethlehemtownship.org/geninfo_stormwater.html Parks and trails: http://www.bethlehemtownship.org/btcc/parks.html

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Bath Borough

Borough Website http://bathborough.org/ Recycling Recycling: http://bathborough.org/trash-collection-and-recycling/ Other Resources Composting: http://bathborough.org/compost-authority/ Storm water management: http://bathborough.org/stormwater-management/ Parks and recreation: http://bathborough.org/recreation/  

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