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Feb. 28 – The Water We Share

Join us for a community forum on the current state of our water quality in the Lehigh Valley. Together, we’ll discuss the most significant issues that threaten the area’s drinking water, including stormwater runoff, industrial development, fracking, and biosolids. We’ll also cover how we got here, how our communities are affected, solutions to mitigate these issues, and what we can do […]

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Fracking (Hydraulic Fracturing)

The term ‘fracking’ comes from the process of fracturing the shale rocks in which natural gas is stored by forcing a mixture of water, chemicals, and sand inside the rock to crack it and release the gas. There is some evidence that it can pollute surrounding areas, but the health consequences and environmental impacts of fracking are still being studied. […]

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Natural Gas

Natural gas is a non-renewable fuel source that is composed of methane and other gases. When burned for energy, it releases fewer greenhouse gases than coal or oil, but still contributes to global climate change. It is formed underground from the decomposition of plants and animals, and is extracted through drilling or a process known as ‘fracking‘. Learn More Natural […]

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