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[LVSN] Green Drinks Lehigh Valley

For Your Holiday Feasting: How to Buy Local and Waste Less LaKeisha Thorpe, Bethlehem Food Co-op Madeleine Weko, Muhlenberg College Sustainable eating can be tough – finding food that’s healthy, local, AND affordable is easier said than done, especially around the holidays. How can we eat well all winter and experience good and culturally appropriate food all year? Join us as we […]

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Little Known Problem, Big Impact: Food Waste in the United States

My mother was adept at giving new life to old food; stale bread became croutons, old milk was used for baking, and any leftovers were carefully stored away in Tupperware containers for the next day’s lunch. She made sure we had almost no food waste in our house – and what she was doing wasn’t just thrifty, it was incredibly […]

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Composting is the process of turning organic matter such as food waste into soil which can be used as fertilizer. It usually involves food scraps as well as soil and other organic matter such as leaves or grass clippings, which are mixed together and then decompose with the help of microorganisms in the soil. Composting prevents organic waste from going […]

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