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Farmers Markets

Farmers markets allow shoppers to buy products directly from growers. This means less transportation, handling, and processing of fruits, vegetables, meats, cheeses, and other foods. Food sold at farmers markets is often seasonal, local, and less expensive than traditional supermarkets.   Learn More Benefits of Shopping at Farmers Markets Farmers Markets and Sustainability – USDA   Lehigh Valley Resources 2017 Lehigh […]

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Little Known Problem, Big Impact: Food Waste in the United States

My mother was adept at giving new life to old food; stale bread became croutons, old milk was used for baking, and any leftovers were carefully stored away in Tupperware containers for the next day’s lunch. She made sure we had almost no food waste in our house – and what she was doing wasn’t just thrifty, it was incredibly […]

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Fair Trade

The Fair Trade movement aims to improve the conditions of workers in developing countries. Fair Trade products are bought from the producers at a reasonable price, and must meet certain social and environmental standards. The movement focuses on commodities such as coffee, cocoa, wine, sugar, chocolate, gold, and handicrafts, which are usually exported from a developing country to a developed […]

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