Recycling is the process of turning any type of waste into new products that can be used again. In a consumer context this generally refers to items such as used metal, glass, cardboard, paper, plastic, and sometimes electronics.  It is an alternative to disposing of waste through incineration (which causes air pollution) or through landfills (which can cause water pollution). Recycling also reduces the need for the production of new raw materials, which take energy to create.


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EPA – Recycling Basics

NRDC – Person Recycling 

Lehigh Valley Resources

The Municipalities section of this website provides links to recycling information for each municipality in the Lehigh Valley. In addition, the Lehigh County Municipal Recycling Programs website provides information about which materials can be recycled in each municipality in Lehigh County and how they will be collected. Lehigh County offers both curbside pickup and drop-off centers.



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