A resource to search sustainability projects completed in the Lehigh Valley. If you have a new or ongoing project you would like to add to this list, please fill out this form. You can search by project type or specific project information.

ProjectProject Content
Ben Franklin TechVentures2Solar power, sustainable building design, recycled building materials, air quality management, dashboard, LEED
The Flatiron BuildingGreen building, energy efficiency, solar power, low VOC paint, building material reuse, stormwater diversion
Hopewell Elementary SchoolGreen building, energy efficiency, solar power, low VOC materials, adaptive landscaping, water conservation
Lehigh Gap CenterEnergy efficiency, storm water management, geothermal HVAC, super-insulation, sustainable building design
One Lehigh ValleyAffordable housing, fresh foods, transportation, environment, economic development
Rodale InstituteBees, community gardening, composting, farm shares, organic agriculture, organic farming