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Share your sustainability project with the Lehigh Valley community

By adding your project to the LVSN website, you’ll be sharing your knowledge and experience with the sustainability community.  Other users can search for projects similar to ones they want to undertake and contact people who’ve done the same kind of work. By sharing our experience, we can work with others and build on the past to move forward more quickly to a more sustainable Valley.

We welcome projects by any type of organization – private company, non-profit, government, educational institution, municipality.

Just fill out the form below and tell us about a sustainability project you or your organization has completed.

  • Please ensure the information is accurate, reviewed for sensitive material, and does not contain any broken links.
  • Be sure that you have permission to share the information about the project.
  • Articles about projects should not exceed 500 words. Feel free to provide a separate brief description that could be used on the homepage of the LVSN website – otherwise we will use the first paragraph of your article.  You could also just upload a file about the project.
  • You can upload up to three files to explain your project.
  • Limit the use of jargon, make sure to spell out acronyms, and define any terms that might be unfamiliar. Remember that your audience is the general public.
  • Be sure to complete the required fields or your form will not be submitted. Error messages will tell you what you forgot.