May 4, 7 PM – Gerrymandering: How to Recognize and Resist It

Gerrymandering, the partisan manipulation of electoral districts for political gain, results in gridlock and dysfunction. It denies power to the minority voting blocks. It is effectively voter suppression. The outcomes of elections are just about guaranteed to result in very poor governance. Members of all parties should be concerned and this is why the League of Women Voters is cosponsoring a town hall presentation called “Gerrymandering: How to Recognize and Resist It”.

A coalition of the LWVNC, Easton NAACP, and the FairDistrictsPA are hosting a panel discussion to educate the public about the need for redistricting reform. The Lafayette Center for Community Engagement is hosting the event on May 4th at the Colton Chapel of Lafayette University on South College Dr. and Pardee Drive, Lafayette College, Easton PA 18042. The presentation runs from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm. Sen. Lisa Boscola and Rep. Steve Samuelson will present their plans to change the current status and there will be time for audience questions. This is just one of a series of presentations that are being held across the state to educate the public. Please join us and 300+ of the local voting public on May 4th and learn what you can do to help.