Let’s Kick Some Gas – Alternative-Energy Yard Equipment – Tuesday, June 27

That’s the rowdy tagline from the American Green Zone Alliance, a California group working in support of zero-emission landscape maintenance strategies. The group identifies the six worst impacts of gas-powered equipment on lawn crews, communities and the planet. Topping their list? Emissions. A two-stroke gasoline powered leaf blower generates as much tailpipe emissions in one hour as an automobile does over 350 miles. The difference is that a car emits all that pollution over a long stretch of road, while a leaf blower deposits it all in one yard.

According to the California Air Resources board, gas-powered lawn equipment is about to pass cars as the worst air polluters, spewing out formaldehyde, benzene and particulate matter. California, the first state to do so, is considering requiring tougher emissions standards for small gas engines and offering incentives for landscaping businesses to switch to electric.

We don’t need to wait for rules and “incentives” (a livable planet is pretty nice)! At our June meeting, we’ll consider and try out non-gas options for yard equipment. TEKPark has kindly allowed us access to an un-manicured part of the campus, where we can try out electric and other non-gas equipment like electric mowers, reel mowers, electric chainsaws, scythes, electric trimmers, blowers, sheep (ha ha, kidding!), etc.

YOUR PARTICIPATION IS REQUESTED (and appreciated) If you have electric or other non-gas yard equipment that you’d like to share, please let us know! Call (215) 219-7908 or email veracole@comcast.net. We’re working to get as much variety as possible. Thank you.

The meeting is Tuesday, June 27, at TEKPark (9999 Hamilton Boulevard, Breinigsville, PA 18031), starting outside at 6:30 and moving indoors around 7:15. Meetings are free and open to the public.

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