Landfills are storage sites for waste. They are created to confine the waste to as small an area as possible, and cover the waste so that it does not contaminate the area. When created without strict safety precautions, landfills can disrupt infrastructure such as roads, pollute nearby soil and streams, and contaminate groundwater. The use of a landfill liner can prevent leachate (the contaminated water that leaks from waste piles) from seeping into the ground for up to 100 years, but cannot protect the environment indefinitely. When waste decomposes in a landfill, it releases greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. In some cases, these gases are collected and burned to create energy – more than 850 landfills in the U.S. have active landfill gas recovery systems.

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In Bethlehem, Waste Connections Inc. converts gas to energy to reduce landfill emissions.




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