January 11 – Hidden Science of the Lehigh Valley

A FREE public interactive event

presented by Lehigh Valley Sierra Club and Lehigh Valley 4 All.

Thu. Jan. 11, 2018 – 6:30 pm at Bethlehem’s Charles Brown Ice House, Main and River Sts. Join us for a family night of science showcase that specializes in the local Lehigh Valley Area. The night will include a set of tables each with a local expert to answer all of your science questions on different topics. In the first joint venture between the Sierra Club and Lehigh Valley for All, all of the experts will be providing interactive presentations.

— The Effects of Natural and Unnatural Phenomena on Water Quality in our Surface Waters – Matt MacConnell

— Testing Newborn Infants in Pennsylvania for Lead – Dr. Andrew Unger

— Preserving and Restoring Native Plant Communities – Susan Tantsis, PA Certified Horticulturist-Sustainable Landscape Certified and Managing Member, Edge of the Woods Native Plant Nursery

— Environmentalism – George Hrab

—Solar Energy – Tara Zrinski

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