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Have projects, events, volunteer opportunities or news to share? Perhaps you’d like us to add a term to our A to Z list. Just complete the form right form or use the generic one below to let us know.

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Please ensure:

  • The information is accurate, reviewed for sensitive material, and does not contain any broken links
  • Articles about projects, events, volunteer opportunities and news do not exceed 1,000 words. Feel free to provide a separate brief description that could be used on the homepage of the LVSN website – otherwise we will use the first paragraph of your article
  • The easiest way to send information is to upload a Word or pdf file below
  • Information for “Sustainability A-Z” does not exceed 300 words
  • Limit the use of jargon, make sure to spell out acronyms, and define any terms that might be unfamiliar. Remember that your audience is the general public
  • For events, be sure to provide date, time, location, cost, if any, contact name and email/phone
  • Be sure to complete the three required fields (Name, Email and Allow LVSN to use photos) or your form will not be submitted. This applies even if you are not submitting photos.

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