Frequently Asked Questions About Sustainability

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What is Sustainablity?

The Lehigh Valley Sustainability Network uses this description of sustainability: Sustainability means that people can provide for their economic and social well-being, while living within the natural limits of the environment, now and for the future.

There are hundreds of definitions of sustainability. You can find many of them on the Sustainable Measures website. The site points out that all the definitions address these three points:

  • Living within the limits
  • Understanding the interconnections among economy, society, and environment
  • Equitable distribution of resources and opportunities

Where do I take my used light bulbs and fluorescent tube lights?

Most building supply stores such as Home Depot and Lowe’s accept used CFL (compact fluorescent light) bulbs and fluorescent tube lights. You can find local addresses here.

The EPA also provides information on why recycling of CFLs is important, what other kinds of bulbs that contain mercury should be recycled, and how to find recycling outlets as well as companies that will allow you to mail used CFLs back.

Where can I recycle my old computers?

Electronics recycling or eCycling is handled at the county level in the Lehigh Valley.

  • Northampton County holds county-wide eCycling days.
  • Lehigh County suggests several options for eCycling.

You can find specific information under eCycling in the Sustainability A to Z.

Can I recycle batteries? Where can I go to recycle them?

Yes, you can recycle batteries! Batteries contain a number of heavy metals and toxic chemicals and their dumping has raised concerns over soil contamination and water pollution. There are a number of places to recycle batteries in the Lehigh Valley: