One Lehigh Valley

One Lehigh Valley, released by the Lehigh Valley Planning Commission on October 23, 2014, is a strategic document upon which to base implementation of numerous sustainability initiatives. The report is an outgrowth of the 3-year Envision Lehigh Valley (EnvisionLV) project.

Launched in July 2012, EnvisionLV developed sustainability plans for environment, affordable housing, fresh foods, transportation, economic development and 3 city-specific projects. The 3-year program was funded through a Sustainable Communities Regional Planning Grant from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development. Lehigh Valley Economic Development Corporation (LVEDC) was the fiscal agent for this grant program under the leadership of Holly Edinger as project manager.  A consortium of 16 regional organizations and governments collaborated on the research and writing of the plans.

Central to the development of the plans was an understanding of the needs of the community in the designated areas. This required an extensive public outreach effort. For that work, LVEDC enlisted Community Action Development Corporation of the Lehigh Valley, West Ward Neighborhood Partnership, Community Action Development Corporation of Allentown, Community Action Development Corporation of Bethlehem, Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce and Renew Lehigh Valley.

Based on the input from a wide variety of public meetings, workshops, surveys and forums, EnvisionLV’s various partners developed ten specific plans. These were then integrated into One Lehigh Valley by the Lehigh Valley Planning Commission.

For further information, visit the EnvisionLV website or read the report One Lehigh Valley.