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Fracking Can Contaminate Drinking Water

A reliance on natural gas sometimes blinds policy makers to local pollution.

“Eight years ago, people in Pavillion, Wyo., living in the middle of a natural gas basin, complained of a bad taste and smell in their drinking water.”

Peer-reviewed and published by former EPA scientist, Dominic DiGiulio, in Environmental Science and Technology, this study suggests that water wells in Pavillion, typically inlined pits, are badly contaminated with chemicals linked to fracking.

Read about DiGiulio’s findings in the Scientific American.

A cartoon on the dangers of fracking.


Fresh Food Access Plan: Lehigh Valley Local Food Economy

A part of the Lehigh Valley Local Food Economy Assessment Report, this Access Plan aims to identify specific strategies to be implemented in the Lehigh Valley.

Sustainability Fact: if everyone in the Lehigh Valley spent $10 a day on locally produced food, $100 million dollars of economic activity would be generated annually within the Valley. Today, there are eight areas in the Lehigh Valley that have limited access to fresh food. This report highlights programs and projects implemented by local governments and private entities to create change in the food economy of the Lehigh Valley. The Fresh Food Access Plan includes 45 strategies for policy, systemic and individual changes that can assure the availability of fresh, healthy, local and culturally appropriate food across the Lehigh Valley.


LVSN: New Muhlenberg Intern

LVSN has a new spring intern! Devin Domeyer studies Environmental Science at Muhlenberg College with a focus on sustainability. Vice President of Muhlenberg’s Environmental Action Team, she is currently working with fellow students in pursuit of increased food security in the Lehigh Valley. She is extremely invested in the goal of LVSN in connecting sustainable programs and initiatives by improving communication between sustainable communities.

Contact her at for more information about sustainable activity on the Muhlenberg campus!


Two Muhlenberg College Interns Power LVSN Website Development

The goal of a comprehensive sustainability website for the Lehigh Valley has been achieved thanks to the contributions of two Muhlenberg College interns, Jalal Khan and Hannah Bobker.  

Hannah, a rising junior from Brunswick, Maine, worked as a volunteer during the Spring 2015 semester developing content for the website’s Sustainability A to Z section.  She researched and wrote definitions for each of the terms, then identified links to both local and national resources as well as opportunities for local involvement. She also researched sustainability services offered by municipalities in the Lehigh Valley, organizing them by types of service offered to make finding them easier.  Hannah is studying political science, public health and sustainability with an interest in pursuing a career in social justice. This summer she is working as an intern in sustainability for the State of Maine.

Jalal Khan joined the LVSN in May as an intern in the Summer 2015 Air Products Community Internship Program.  A rising sophomore from Center Valley, PA, Jalal is a computer science major and has been the technical driver of the LVSN website’s development. Jalal has defined the structure for the website as well as its navigation and user interface. He has also brought his skills to bear in creating a calendar plug-in that permits the compilation of multiple organizations’ calendars into one easy-to-access list on the site. Most importantly, Jalal’s design will permit easy (translate: non-tech geek) maintenance of the site once it is up.

The LVSN offers a huge round of applause and a big thank-you to these two talented and committed students who have helped us move much more quickly towards our goal of a comprehensive sustainability website for the Lehigh Valley.


Allentown Waterfront Project

Philadelphia media outlet Flying Kite has published an article on the continuing development of the Allentown Waterfront featuring interviews with Zach Jaindl, Sy Traub, and Elissa Garofalo.